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Porto is home. I like to eat and cook, I like taking pictures, travelling and taking care of my health. I'm a young guy but taking the most of all my minutes, read more below

Lets go back in time, let me tell you my story into design

As funny as my path sounds when looking back, my parents didn’t enjoy 100% of the ride. From a young age 🧒, I was never that “brilliant” kid at school, to be honest, I just wasn’t interested at all. That lack of interest translated into my grades, they were poor like the effort I put in classes.

It wasn’t until I reached high school that I did something about it, two years in I dropped out. I didn’t like the most of the classes, the teachers and the theoretical way of learning. I needed something new so I started fresh and started a “technical course” - the ones with stigma from society, the ones where dumb kids go to.

That single decision had a tremendous impact in my life, it was the best decision I made and completely transformed me from an “ignorant” kid that did not care for school, to someone that enjoyed every single minute and spent extra hours off schedule learning more and more about my craft. I ended up finishing the course with some of the best grades in class, some amazing internships and a vision to strive for.

In my last year at this school and organised a design event where I invited all companies that interested me in the area (I would use those contacts later to get a job) to come and share their experience for free with students. With a very tight budget (25€) I was able to reach 10,000 people with physical and digital campaigns - no money was used to run ads. I organised more than 1725 minutes of workshops and lectures and had an attendance of 150 people along 4 days.

Right after finishing the course I applied to university, although differently from most kids my age I wanted to work full time 🤔, I wanted to be able to support my graduation costs, so I enrolled in nighttime classes.

This decision was going to become the toughest period of my life, I got a job in the best design agency in town (from that event I organised) and worked from 8 AM to 6 PM (or later #agencylife) daily and then did a 30 min commute to school where I would stay until 11 PM. I did this for 3 years straight, lots of sleepless nights and with only Saturdays for family and girlfriend, Sundays were for school projects.

Fun times and very hard times for my body, with all the sweat, put into school & work my stress levels were always high, the pressure was high and all this millage caused some damages years later.

While in Gen I worked in very different teams from 🇵🇹Braga and 🇺🇸Dallas. My role went from a “sidekick” apprentice helping out in some visual comps to leading complex design work, managing and onboarding teammates, and handling client expectations and day-to-day relationship. I’ve helped companies like AT&T, Airtel, Ooyala, and others, go to market with great web and native apps for consumers and businesses. We created large design systems, patterns and a great foundation for businesses to build on top off.

In 2016 I joined Blip / PaddyPower for a big technological turnover. PaddPower was revamping the “basis” of their apps and needed design help to create an integrated system to be used across the web, mobile and native applications. My day-to-day while working there was always different, I lead the implementation of reusable systems with the lead developers of the project and ensured consistency across the project. The team and I ran a few user testing sessions that lead me to work from 🇮🇪Dublin and 🇬🇧London for some weeks.

In 2017, I left PaddyPower and joined Rebrandly, at the same time I enrolled on my most personal project to date, one that put everything in perspective. In August, for my birthday (#thankskarma) I was diagnosed with a 🎗Hodgkin Lymphoma (stage 3B), it was the best gift I couldn’t ask for. I entered the biggest learning period of life, I found myself to be stronger than I ever imagined, it helped me focus, understand what matters and how much I took for granted. Now that this is part of the archives I’m writing something deeper about it, an objective perspective on personal illness 💪

From 2017 until I’ve been wearing many “hats” at Rebrandly as a product designer and product manager. I was responsible for creating a reusable style guide with the FE team and lead the redesign of our main web app. During this period I accompanied the product “end-to-end” from ideation of new features, design agreement with the business team, implementation life cycle for the FE team and quality assurance of the delivered work.

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