It's scary to share, thoughts, words, ideas, opinions, whatever — I feel naked every time I share something personal.
I don't consider myself a good writer, but I do it often, privately and offline. I remember that writing was a chore, a task and then a few years later became a habit, a tool for inner peace.
I'm honest with myself when I write. I go back in time quite often and read old texts, sometimes they make me feel better. I always felt fear from sharing them. I convinced myself that I didn't want to do it, that I had no fear - I lied.
So yeah, I write, and now I'm sharing some bits. I'll be posting a short or long story every once in a while — no deadlines, no setup for failure.
This blog, if I can call it that, won’t be tied up to any genre. I’ll write about my life, my work, my feelings. And whatever I feel is ok to put out here.
In the end, it's a selfish goal. I want to learn how to write for others, and you are now part of my playground. Feedback is welcome, my contacts are on the footer.
Also, this will be a blindfolded experience — the reach of a post will be small, and I won't be tracking any numbers from it.
From me to myself — thank you for your attention.